Biodegradable & Eco-friendly Products

In addition to biodegradable glasses PartyPlastics stock a range of biodegradable and eco-friendly products, meaning that your party or event can be eco-friendly as well as fun! Our range of biodegradable products includes; sampling pots, bowls, cups, plates, knives and forks to name just a few. For more details about our range read on below.

Biodegradable Cups

Biodegradable cups are formed from polylactic acid (PLA) a type of biodegradable plastic derived from natural materials such as cornstarch. These cups are a great alternative to plastic which derive from petrochemicals, especially because they do not emit toxic fumes when burnt.

Biodegradable Bowls

Biodegradable bowls are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional bowls, with a variety of styles available, including the reed pulp bowl and palm leaf bowls. These bowls are easily compostable and made from renewable resources.

Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable Plates

We stock a wide range of biodegradable and eco-friendly plates which are perfect for use at eco-friendly events. These include palm leaf plates and bamboo plates which are made from renewable resources and which are compostable too. Plates made from reed pulp are also available, a 100% renewable source, which is more rigid than paper and most plastic plates.

Biodegradable Knives

Available in either boxes or packs these biodegradable knives are made from sustainable wood making them ideal for biodegrading. They are compostable and can even be printed with a marketing message or logo. For more information on printing options please click here.

Biodegradable Forks

A great accompaniment to biodegradable knives, biodegradable forks are made from sustainable wood, one of the original biodegradable materials. These biodegradable forks can be printed with a marketing message or logo, providing a great way to create brand awareness when hosting events, or at dinner parties for example. Not only are they biodegradable but they look great too, with their wooden appearance providing a refreshing alternative to the traditional plastic fork.

You can buy all the different products listed above from our on-line web store

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