PLA based biodegradable plastic glasses

Biodegradable plastic glasses are made from polylactic acid (PLA) which do not use the usual petrochemicals which most other plastic glasses are made from. Instead they are derived from natural materials such as cornstarch.

Glasses made from PLA offer a more environmentally responsible alternative to plastic. PLA based glasses are 100% compostable but need to be composted in a commercial composter not your own compost heap. Unlike many other plastics they do not emit toxic fumes when burnt.

PLA based glasses offer another clear benefit, though not completely smash proof due to the nature of the materials used in their manufacture they don't break easily and when they do break they don't splinter which means that they cannot be used as weapons in bar fights.

Biodegradable or eco-friendly plastic glasses can now be bought cost effectively online, ensuring that your summer bbq or event is environmentally friendly as well as fun.

To find out more about PLA based plastic and its use you can view this article on Wikipedia.

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